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Child Dentistry: About

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Why are baby teeth important?

'Milk teeth give your child the smile that you love'

•Baby teeth are important for proper feeding and nutrition  during the initial years of growth and development of child

•Healthy and nice looking teeth are important in building self-confidence.

•Loss of baby teeth may result in improper speech

•Baby teeth act as the guiding force to allow proper positioning of the newly erupting permanent teeth.


Brushing & Flossing

'For 2 minutes two times daily'

•Start cleaning your baby’s gum pads right from the birth with a clean wet cloth.

•Brushing should be started as soon as the first tooth erupts (6-8 months) in the mouth to reduce the colonization of decay producing bacteria

•The general rule is to brush for at least 2 minutes and 2 times daily with just a smear of toothpaste on the bristles

•Use a soft brush with small head and change your brush every three months

•Use Floss to clean your teeth once daily


Tooth friendly diet

'Healthy diet for healthy child'

•Avoid bottle feeding at night after first year of life.

•Restrict frequency of food intake to 5 or 6 per day

•Provide a balanced diet and save sugar containing foods products and beverages for special days

•Shop smart!! Do not stock sugar containing snacks at home

•Cheese is one of the healthiest snacks for your child’s teeth.

•Ask your pediatric dentist to help plan a tooth friendly diet for your child


Injuries to teeth

'Don't ignore the broken tooth'

•If the tooth is completely knocked out, follow the instructions shown in picture

•For a chipped off tooth, consult your pediatric dentist as soon as possible

•Prevent dental injuries by using

•Mouth guards for children participating in contact sports

•Use car seats and belts for your children

•Get mal-aligned teeth treated


Thumbsucking and Mouthbreathing

'Ignoring these habits can create lifetime problems'

•Habits like Thumb sucking and mouth breathing during the initial development years can have adverse effects on the shape of the jaws

•Most children stop thumbsucking beyond 2 years of age but some continue with the habit for prolonged time. This can tip the fron teeth of child towards the lip and can affect the way child teeth bite together.

•These children may need the help of their parents and pediatric dentist to get rid of the habit


Adolescent dentistry

Do I need Braces or Invisalign?

•Dentistry to meet the special needs of teens and adolescents is an important part of the specialized training for pediatric dentists. Growing doesn’t stop at childhood – teens experience important growth in their faces and jaws.

•Ask our Orthodontist for an expert advice on braces and invisalign

Child Dentistry: Services

Dental Services

For your Child's Healthy Future


Early Dental Care & Counseling

•An early start in regular dental care is an important step on the road to teaching a child healthy lifetime habits.

•The first dental visit should occur before the first birthday of the child when we

•Risk of decay can be estimated

•A preventive program incorporating brushing, fluoride, diet and sealants

•Information on growth & Development


Prevent decay with Fluorides and Sealants

•Fluoride varnish is brushed or painted on the enamel. Use of topical fluoride for prevention of decay has been proven to be safe and effective. Fluoride inhibits loss of minerals from the tooth surface and even promotes re-mineralization of weakened enamel.

•Sealants protect the grooves on the chewing surface of the back teeth where most cavities in children are found. Sealants ‘seal out’ food and debris thus preventing decay.


Fillings and Crowns

Health of baby teeth is essential during the first ten years of a child’s life for adequate nutrition and development.

Our clinic provides quality restorative services where the  decayed part of the teeth is removed and replaced with a material which resembles the tooth structure and restores the function of teeth.

Some badly decayed teeth might require ‘capping’ which can be done using preformed crowns in a single visit.


Early age Tooth Alignments (Orthodontics)

•Braces are usually done at the age of 11-13 years. Our clinic specializes in early recognition of mal-alignments of teeth as well as jaws. Correction of jaws can be done only during the growing years with the help of certain appliances. These treatments help in redirecting the growth of face in a desired fashion resulting in a balanced growth.


Special Needs Dentistry

•A compromised oral health condition among patients with special health care needs (SHCN) has been associated with the reluctance and shortage of skills of dental professionals in managing such patients.

•At children’s dentistry, specific facilities are available to provide quality dental care to children with medical conditions. Preventive protocols are designed keeping in mind the caries-risk of the child and corrective treatments are provided using sedation and general anesthesia.


Sedation & General Anesthesia

The clinic offers sedation and general anesthesia services for those children who cannot cope up with the dental environment

Child Dentistry: Services
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