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Chart & Stethoscope

Children's Neurology

Pediatric Neurologist, Delhi

Child Neurologist, Indirapuram

Child Neurology: Welcome

Expertise in treating these conditions

Fits or Seizures in children

Difficult to control epilepsy or Drug resistant epilepsy

Headache in children

Cerebral Palsy

Delayed development

Delayed speech

Delayed walking/standing

Neuro-muscular disorders (weak muscles)

Rare Neuro-genetic and Neuro-metabolic disorders

Child Neurology: List

Neurology Services

Neurology consultations

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Video EEG recording

Dietary therapy for Epilepsy (Ketogenic diet, Modified Atkins diet)

Botox therapy

Caring Child
Child Neurology: Services

Parent Section

Coming soon

What to do if my child is having a fit

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Child Neurology: Services
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